Free Application Service

Free advice for international and EU students applying to review within the Study-in-Australia region.

Study-in-Australia free application support service will maximize your chances of being accepted on-to a Study-in-Australia university course. This service is liberal to all international and EU students.

Our close relations with Study-in-Australia universities allow you to profit from having your application reviewed before submission and to receive your offer faster than applying on your own. This service means 98% of Study-in-Australia applicants receive offers to their first choice university, compared to 55% who apply independently.

Our consultants have placed tens of thousands of scholars into Study-in-Australia universities and certainly, you can be the next.

What is included?

  • Free 40 minute consultation with a university consultant in London or Manchester, or via Skype
  • An inventory of recommended universities to use
  • We’ll thoroughly review your application form
  • A review of your personal statement
  • Advice on what documents are required by AUS universities
  • Advice on available scholarships
  • Advice on deciding which offer to simply accept
  • Support throughout the application process until enrollment

If you’d like Study-in-Australia to take care of all of the above and guarantee you acceptance from an AUS university, learn more about the Premium Service.

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