PhD Application Service

A PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) is the doctoral degree and requires students to finish a thesis on a considerable piece of research that’s judged by a team of examiners. The PhD is the highest  awarded degrees at a Study-in-Australia university.

The PhD Application Service can assist you successfully to be accepted on to a PhD program within the AUS by advising you on the choice of university, providing intensive interview practice and editing your personal statement and research proposal, as per the standards of the the admissions panel.

Why use the PhD Service?

The PhD Service will do the subsequent to maximize your chance of securing an offer:

  • Pre-screen your transcripts and make sure you are eligible to use them
  • Advice on choosing suitable universities
  • Provide a checklist of documents required
  • Edit all supporting documents, including your personal statement, CV and reference letters
  • Review and edit your research proposal, providing feedback
  • Fill within the university application forms and track your application after submission
  • 60 minute non subject specific interview session to familiarize you with the setting, followed by feedback
  • PhD Research Proposal Tips
  • Your research proposal should be 1000-2000 words and include the following:
  • Research area to be investigated
  • The research question or hypothesis that’s to be tested
  • The likely methods and techniques to be utilized in the investigation
  • The connection of the proposed research to the published literature and current research in your field. Moreover, the proposed contributions your thesis is expected to make.
  • Details of labor you’ve got already wiped out the proposed field (meaning unclear)
  • Your suitability as a researcher for the proposed project
  • A research proposal enables the tutorial staff liable for selecting applicants to assess:
  • Your competence within the proposed field of study
  • Your ability to conduct a search program independently
  • The character of the supervision required
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